Project Impacts

Project Impact

This project aims to promote clean energy solutions and climate action in Africa. Here's how different target groups will benefit:


  • Students & Trainees: Gain knowledge and skills in clean energy for future careers. Improved employability through specialized training and practical applications. Broadened perspective and cross-cultural understanding through international mobility programs.
  • Staff Members: Enhanced expertise in clean energy and climate science through training and collaboration with international partners. Opportunities for career advancement and participation in innovative teaching methods.


  • To promote the development of Homegrown Clean Energy (HCE) solutions to make them available for the underrepresented.
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing and technology transfer amongst participating institutions and raise awareness on climate change-driven clean energy solutions.
  • To enhance entrepreneurship skills development on clean energy solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation in Africa.
  • To promote gender equality and social-just climate inclusion on clean energy solutions for adaptation and mitigation in Africa.

Policymakers & Government Officials

  • Access to research findings, policy recommendations, and best practices for formulating effective clean energy and climate change policies.
  • Deeper understanding of the socio-economic benefits of clean energy solutions to support policy development.
  • Enhanced capacity to design and implement climate change strategies for national and regional sustainable development.

Wider Community

  • Improved livelihoods and reduced energy poverty through increased access to clean energy solutions.
  • Increased resilience to climate change impacts through sustainable energy practices.
  • Raised awareness and empowered communities to participate in clean energy initiatives.
  • Socio-economic benefits through job creation, entrepreneurship opportunities, and local clean energy industries.

Energy Companies & Local Authorities

  • The project integrates with energy companies and local authorities into the project through trainee placement schemes to be trained on the use of homegrown technologies to generate electricity.

Multiplier Effects

The project's success will be documented and shared for wider benefits:

  • Replication: Effective strategies and approaches can be replicated in other regions.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Best practices, lessons learned, and technical expertise will be shared through workshops, publications, and online platforms.
  • Capacity Building: Enhanced skills and knowledge of participants will contribute to the clean energy and climate change sectors.
  • Networking: Collaboration and information sharing will be fostered among participants beyond the project's lifespan.