Workshops Training

Workshops and Trainings

The HCE Solutions project offers a comprehensive training program designed to support the development and commercialization of clean energy solutions in Africa. The program consists of three work packages that cater to:

  • Building entrepreneurship skills for clean energy businesses
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange and curriculum development on clean energy
  • Promoting gender equality and social inclusion in clean energy initiatives
  • Promotion of clean energy including Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Target Audience

  • High School Students
  • University students and staff
  • Clean energy entrepreneurs
  • Researchers and professionals in the clean energy sector
  • Policymakers and stakeholders interested in clean energy development

Types of Training

Work Package 1: Entrepreneurship Skills Development
  • Develop Alternative Energy Solutions (focus on hands-on prototype development)
  • Enhance Entrepreneurial Skills (business idea development, startup incubation)
  • Commercialize Solutions (startup registration and rollout)
Work Package 2: Knowledge Exchange and Curriculum Development
  • Exchange Program (facilitates student and staff exchange between institutions)
  • Research and Training (seminars and workshops on clean energy and climate change)
  • Curriculum Development (review and develop curriculum for clean energy education)
Work Package 3: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
  • Conduct a Gender and Inclusion Baseline Study (identify areas for improvement in gender equality and social inclusion within participating institutions)